Sunday, March 13, 2011


Yesterday I went to a class put on by KitchenWerks.  It was about how to shop and what to shop for.  I'm not going to go into the whole class because honestly, I think that everyone should take this class or a class like it.  What I do want to relay is that there are tips and tricks for anyone who shops.  Think about things like how many ingredients are in that bottle of salad dressing and can you make it yourself at home with real ingredients?  Think about how much per ounce you're paying for a product and why it's first ingredient is water? 

I actually practiced what i learned and did a little shopping right after the class.  I'm exited to try shopping this way next weekend when I grocery shop.

Pete's doing well.  He's struggling a bit with pain.  The narcotics are making him really tired, but the alternative is children's tylenol.  Have you ever tried it?  The liquid is so sickly sweet that it's pretty hard to take and it's making him sick to his stomach.  The chewables are about the same.  So I'm on the search for adult liquid tylenol.

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  1. I'm glad pete is doing well- hopefully you can find some liquid meds soon!!