Tuesday, December 28, 2010


For some reason I feel renergized or recommitted to working out.  I think Pete getting up with me to go to the gym the last couple of mornings has help me.  I know that he gets bored because he lifts weights for about 20 minutes and is done.  But I am determined this time to do my plan, how I need to, for me. 

I'm not so good about food.  Note that I'm eating everything in sight and loads of it.  I just think back to February of last year and I was so darn committed to eating 1200-1500 calories, balanced, lots of prtein, low carbs and low fat.  Tracking my food helped.  But I think it wasn't s asustainable way for me.  I can't sustain more than about 60 days of eating like that.  More than anything I think part of it is that I was blindly doing things by what I thought was good for me.  Knowing now that I not all fat free/low calorie things are really good for me if they're containing loads of fillers that are bad for me too.

I still eat ok.  I have a certain breakfast every weekday morning because it's comfortable, easy and I know that they fill me up.  I'm ok with lunch, in that I don't overindugle.  My struggle is snacking at work.  If I have it in my office, I eat it.  So I try to have things like cheese, popchips, nuts, fruit/dried fruit on hand to eat and not rely on the South Beach Bars and other things that I was using before.  Dinner is harder.  Things that I would make that would fill me up, Pete doesn't necessarily like.  I try to balance it.  Weekends are also harder and I give myself a little more free reign to eat.

I think I may have a resistance to some food group.  I'm thinking that it may be wheat or something similar.  I get uh, bloated and gassy (sorry!) after eating certains things.  Last night we had a pasta dish and I had what was likely less than one serving and I was uncomfortable the rest of the night.  For lunch today I had a sandwich on french bread and I'm having the same feeling.  I used to think that it was dairy, and while that may be something I have a resistance to, I think there is another group.

Why, you ask, haven't I done more to figure it out?  Couple of reasons.  First, it's incredibly overwhelming to try to rule out a certain food.  You either have to cut everything out and start adding in things one at a time over several weeks or you have to figure out what to cut and try that for a few weeks.  Have you every looked at how many things have wheat in them?  Secondly, I LOVE breads and pastas and things with wheat.  I'm afraid that I'll not be able to eat them again.

So I'm doing great with the exercise, not so great (but not bad) with food.

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  1. Hi! I just stumbled upon you blog! I can't imagine having to struggle with food and food groups like that. I have been allergy tested and I know I can't eat seafood. I would hate to play a guessing game!

    Keep your head up! And keep going forward, you will get it! :o)