Monday, December 27, 2010


I had weird dreams last night that Willow Palin was chasing me.  Weird huh?  I guess it could relate to me watching Sarah Palin's Alaska show right before bed?  Weird.

Christmas is over.  I indulged.  Appetizers and cookies and good things.  Only I watched portions, taking small amounts of things, rather than just loading up.  And I continued to work out. I made myself sore after my Christmas Eve workout that the trainer put together for me.  So I must be doing something right.

I was talking on the phone with my Dad this weekend.  I had my arm up holding the phone to my ear and I rested my head on my shoulder.  It was then that I noticed that I have shoulder muscles.  I told Pete that it was a good thing there are no cameras around me.  It would show me flexing my muscles for myself to show the muscles that keep popping out at me.  I have muscles!

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the future in realtion to my weight and where I want to be.  I missed my goal of being close to 200 at the first of the year.  But I am proud of what I've accomplished and give myself lots of credit for the 5 am gym workouts and the running/jogging/walking even when I didn't want to do it. 

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