Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mid Week With Pete

I'm not gonna post Pete's starting weight because that's personal to him.  Let's just say that it was over 300 pounds and that his BMI was over 40. 

In order to have the surgery, along with other things, Pete has to lose at least 14 pounds.  Initally I thought and had heard that programs have patients do this so that it shows that they can lose weight.  That they are capable of losing and are committed to doing so.  And while that might be true, there are other reasons. 

The program that Pete chose is one that is top rated nationally.  They do lots of surgeries each week and have many many patients.  In their estimation, only 2 of every 300 surgeries is open.  Meaning that they do the great majority of surgeries laproscopic.  The Ruox-en Y is the gastic bypass that so many people talk about.  The Sleeve is a newer surgery and kind of a cross between a band and the ruox-en Y.  The Lap-Band is the last kind and the one that Pete will likely have.  Reading about them, you'll see the differences.  However, they all involve getting to your stomach.

In order to do the surgery, they have to lift your liver up off your stomach to get access.  This is a big reason as apparently any weightloss greatly effects your liver size.

So Pete being Pete (the all or nothing guy that he is) has already lost all the weight that he needs to lose for this surgery, and more. 

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