Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't laugh, ok?

Really.  Hold it in. 

So remember the great KettleBell Episode of Spring 2010?  You know.  The one where I challenged myself to take a few classes in a month's time at the gym.  The one where I chose a free demo of kettlebells and took the 45 minute class.  The one where I was all pumped up afterwards and happy.  The one where I could not walk straight, sit on the potty or dress myself for a week afterwards?

Yeah, that one.

Well, I'm going to try it again.  Wait, I said, don't laugh.  Ok, fine, go ahead and laugh.

But hear me out, ok?  I have one thing to say, I am MUCH stronger.  Back when I took that class I had been halfheatedly working those machines and walking about 40 minutes a few times a week.  Yes, I was losing weight, but I wasn't really doing it the most healthy way.  So, when I took the class my muscles really went into shock.  But I did an 8 week stint with the trainer this summer and learned some things.  I'm on week 8/14 with the trainer this time.  And she suggested it. 

So, I'm attempting it again.  {wish me luck}

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