Monday, December 20, 2010

I did nothing

Honestly the thought of running, jogging or lifting weights this weekend made me want to puke.  The pressure in my head from the sinus infection was horrible.  I felt like my brain had shrunk 2 sizes and was bouncing around in there every move that I made.

Pete was laid off.  Again.  Poor guy.  At least he still has unemployment that he can access.  And he is already sending in applications for jobs.  Our goal was to get to the gym this weekend and add him backt o my Y account so that he could go work out during the day when it was less busy.  That is what kept him fm liking the Y before - he would go during the busy times and there would be no where to workout.  Only my bouncing head kept us from getting there.

Today is a new day though.  And this week is a new week.  Keep trying, right?

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