Monday, November 01, 2010


Have you every worked with a trainer? I grew up in a home that didn't place any impoartance on physical activity. I think it's one of the factors in my weight issues. Things that you don't learn as a child sometimes take twice as long or more to learn as an adult.

When Pete and I were working out at the same gym a few years ago I mainly stuck to the treadmill/elliptical. I didn't know how to use the machines, let alone the free weights. Pete showed me the machines and I used those. I really didn't know what I was doing though. I'd do 15 reps sometimes, sometimes I'd do 60. Sometimes I'd work the machines and the treadmill all on the same days. Sometimes I'd ry the balance ball and other pieces of equipment. But I had no clue. No clue how to work out, what to work out and how to be successfull at it.

When we joined the Y last winter, I started out on the same plan. I'd be on the treadmill/elliptical for 35-40 minutes and then use the machines. I think I knew that you weren't supposed to do a major workout both in the same day. I think I knew that you weren't supports to do all major muscle groups day after day. But it didn't seem to matter for me.

Then I worked with a trainer over the summer. She's this little peppy, petite woman. At times I was frustrated with her, happy with her, scared of her... But the bottom line is that I saw results. Good results. Results that have stuck with me. I still have definition in my uppoer arms. I still have definition in my back. I keep kicking myself for not continuing what we had started. But I also know that my hard work makes it happen.

So tomorrow at 5am, I'll be back at the Y meeting with that trainer again.

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