Monday, August 30, 2010


I think. Every have periods in your life where your weird feeling and can't quite put your finger on why? I seem to be having more and more of those. They last a day or so and then I'm back to normal. The pattern seems hormonal. And each time that I think that I have the pattern and effects figured out, my body seems to change things up on me. The wonders of getting older, right? (yes, 40 is older apparently)

Last weekend was the last camput that Pete and I go to with the Dry Riders. It is one of my favorite locations. And I say that knowing that I also think that the bathrooms suck. Pete and I went down early and spent a night there with just us. It was so peacefull and relaxing and I needed that after the weird days before.

When the rest of the gang arrived we were there to see them and talk, laugh and have fun. I really miss seeing some of these people all winter. It's strange how I spend all summer seeing them and then winter rolls around and we see them very rarely. I wish we had a house because I'd have a winter open house for them all to drop by and say hi.

I really miss being on the motorcycle over the winter too. I wonder how I could bottle up the feeling of the winter, the smells of the sweet grasses, the sun on my head and shoulders, the hum of the motor and even the vibration of the bike. If I could I think I'd be a millionaire because there has to be more poeple like me.

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