Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I can see how people become obsessive. I've mentioned previously about how I 'worry' my rings. I pull them off and on my finger to see how easily they go off and on again to judge where I am in my weight loss. I slide my watch on and off to do the same thing. The feeling that I get when those things come off easily and slide easily back on is addictive. It's addictive that I do it probably 30 times a day.

In the last couple of weeks I haven't been working out regularly. Life, as they say, has gotten in the way.

I've become even more addicted to my rings and my watch. I listen to people talk and slide them. I watch TV and slide them. I read something on my computer and slide them. I wonder what others think?

The watch? It's gotten tighter. I can't slidfe it off as easily as I could a week ago. The rings? They still slide easily. In fact, if I'm cold and I put my hands in water, my rings are in danger of sliding off themselves.

But I can see how people become obsessive about it all.

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