Thursday, April 15, 2010

Almost normal..

I can't remember a time that I was that sore after something. I dumped my motorcycle and slid down a hill last summer in Missouri and I wasn't that sore. Those kettlebells really work a whole huge amount of muscles and they work them good... I can walk normally, but my legs and bum are still sore. Pete laughs at me every time I groan when I take a step or walk.

I have a confession...I haven't worked out since the Great Kettlebell Incident. This is the longest that I've not worked out since January. It's kind of driving me crazy. And it's making me nervous. I don't want to fall into the not working out trap again. And I'm even more concerned about weighing myself tomorrow. I hope I at least maintained.

My other issue is that I have a sinus infection. The tree pollen a week or so again was just too much for my sinus'. I started getting the sore throat on Tuesday and my yesterday morning my throat was on fire, my head was plugged up and I was feeling horrible. So I called into work and stayed in bed. I slept most of the day. I'm hoping that with the rains and by taking it easy & drinking lots of fluids I can get it to go away. If it's not gone by Monday I'll have to go in.

Oh and if you could say a little prayer that the rain that is coming down and was supposed to be gone by now ISN'T coming in all the windows I opened at home, that would be good. lol

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