Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I talk it, but can I live it?

I worked so hard to figure out how to live my life. It's not an easy thing for everyone to do and it takes work and practice and really living to figure out how to be happy sometimes. For me, it was in my 30's that I realized that I cannot make everyone happy. I have to make me happy and hope that others are happy for me.

This past weekend I was forced to consider if I could accept that from others. It seems simple, doesn't it? You make yourself happy and everyone else does the same and everyone is happy. Right? Nope. I've come to realize that sometimes the thing that makes me happy, makes others very unhappy, sad, disappointed or hurt. So how do a rectify the situation? I end up going back to the fact that I have to make myself happy and worry less about others.

It's hard though, being on the other end of it. It's hard not judging because it's not what you would do. It's hard thinking that your feelings aren't most important to others. I need to accept it though. I need to live it, if I can preach about it.

So I've figured out again that I need to make myself happy. I need to do whatever it is that makes me safe and happy and worrry less about others.

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