Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day Two

So as of today I've been at the gym 13 times this month. I'm to the point where I enjoy the walking on the treadmill. And I love the way that I feel after working out. I actually like the sore muscles from lifting weights.

The next two weeks I'm stuck at work from 8-4:30. And working out at 5pm means lots of people at the gym and I can never get the arm machine that I want. So, I've been getting up at 5am and heading to the gym before work. Now that means that I fall asleep about 8:30. lol But I'm up and working out and it gets me ready for the day.

I have to tell you that yesterday was HARD. But it got easier today to get up and easier to work out. Pete thinks that I'll be so used to getting up at 5am that I'll be up that early on the weekends. I think I'll be able to sleep in!

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