Monday, October 05, 2009

Work and dinners and soup!

I'm so incredibly proud of Pete. He was chosen for a job. It was a thankful time for both of us. I think the time he spent on unemployment was a tough time for both of us. It's one thing to be low on money and another to be low on money when one is out of work. It's not that we were destatude during that time. It's that there was expectations on both sides that lead to hurt on both sides. I think we've both learned from the experience.

He's been back to work for a week now and we're getting used to it. We get up at the same time and while he is showering, I'm lazing in bed. While I am showering, he is eating breakfast and relaxing. We leave at the same time and come home at the same time. It's nice really and I love coming home to share our days. Only we've been very bad about dinners. We eat out way too much. I planned on going grocery shopping on Sunday to get things for dinners that could be put in the crockpot, made ahead or easily done. In the car on the way to a party we were discussing food. And I learned that Pete doesn't like soup!

First of all, how can you not like soup? It's c compact meal in a bowl. It's all the good things mixed in with some warm broth to soothe. It's flavors and textures and everything. Secondly how could one live with me for 3 years and have food made for him for over 5 and never tell me that he didn't like soup! He finally admitted that he'll eat it, but that it's not his favorite thing. So, I had to redo my game plan for dinners a little and get things that were less 'soup-like' for him. Although I decided to start making a pot of soup on Sundays that I can use for lunches all week. It will give me the best of both worlds!

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