Tuesday, October 13, 2009


If you saw this on a vehicle license plate, how would you interpret it?

I'm hoping it comes across as Journey Girl. Not because I like Journey. Well, actually I do.

Coincidentially, my Mom called last week one night and when I didnt' answer she didn't leave a message. When I called her back she said it was nothing big. Then she said that she had been watching a DVR'd episode of Oprah and Journey was on. She wanted to know if I remembered going to the Journey concert when I was 13 with Michelle. OF COURSE I remembered. It was like the single coolest thing ever to go and I know that they didn't want me to go in the first place.

Anyway, I keep thinking about what kind of license plate I want for my motorcycle. I want it to represent that I love to embrace the journey. Only the best thing that I can come up with is JRNYGRL.

So weill people think I am a Joruney geek or what?

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