Thursday, July 16, 2009


Lately I've been working for the weekends. I think there's a song somewhere from the 80's that talks about that. Only I'm living it. And while I love my weekends, it makes the weeks go by so much faster. It feels like it was only April and suddenly it's the end of July.

My group hosted the campout last weekend and it was a lot of work. We went to a wonderful place down south by the Mississippi River. It was actually a marina and we camped in a little area by the boat launch. It was quiet, peaceful and nice.

Until we figured out that the mayflies had just hatched. Yuk. There were millions of these bugs by the river. They're harmless. They're kind of pretty. But at the end of the night they die. Yes, they die daily. So when I got up to use the bathroom the next morning this is what I saw. Yuk. They had to use a leaf blower to pile them up and shovel them. Did I mention Yuk?

We went to the national eagle center with the group and had a presentation on bald eagles. It was pretty cool to see an eagle up that close. Then we got to take pictures with our bikes and the bird. Can you say Chirstmas Card? lol

Then we drove into WI and found an overlook that was really cool. Picture number 2 for the Christmas card. lol

And I attended my first Pow-Wow. It was really cool. Pete is such a talker that he chatted with a man sitting next to us about the ceremony. Toddlers to elders danced in the ring. Bright costumes, natural costumes, some animal heads...a lot of different things. It was really interesting to watch and listen.

Busy weekend, but a lot of fun.

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