Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rider's Edge

Ohh I was scared. I think I told you that before. But I was more scared to take this motorcycle class than I was to get married. I don't know if it was the fear that I just wouldn't be able to 'get it' and ride a bike or if it was the fear of doing something stupid. But I was scared!
We got there on Saturday morning, suited up and started to ride. They taught us from rolling the bike to using the clutch to actually riding. I came home Saturday and I kept saying "I can drive a motorcycle!" Thankfully Pete was nice enough to keep indulging me and smiled everytime I said it.
Sunday came and it was srizzling. And I was fearful that it would rain during the test and I wouldn't pass. We kept learning and practising skills. Finally the testing came. And although I did the skill right before that, when it came time for the test, I went out of the lines. And I was SURE that I had failed.
We went onto the next skill and I did well. Although my stop was long, but in my defense it was raining. The last skill was a curve and I went long on the time it took to complete.
But, I PASSED! I am a licensed motorcycle driver! Yay me!
Honestly, it was the best thing for my confidence. I have a skill that not everyone does and I did it on my own. So I'm now on the hunt for a motorcycle.

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