Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Pete and I went to Texas last week to see a friend of his that he hasn't seen in years. It was an adventure. We left the day after an ice storm that effected the middle of the county.

As you can see, not everyone knows how to drive in ice. We were in Oklahoma and northern Texas during the worst part. Cars would fly by us and about 3 miles down the road we'd see the vehicle in the ditch. This semi was on the road when we went down and when we came back 5 days later it was still there. The storm and the attempts to get rid of the ice were futile. In MN the roads would have been prepped for ice and plows would have been out during the storm and afterwards. Down there, the trucks were called off because the ice was too bad for the number of trucks.
When we got there, we took a few hours to tour The Lexington. It's an airship from the military. It was pretty cool seeing all that up close.
On Friday and Saturday we rented a Harley. Nothing better than telling people we rode bike in January. I think we put about 400 miles on between the two days. Enough for me to look like a racoon with my red face and white sunglasses eyes.

The beach was...insteresting. Granted, we were riding, but we were all dressed in jeans and sweatshirts. There were pepole there in shorts and bikinis!

On the way home we stopped at The Alamo. I need to read up more about this because it was interesting to me.


  1. HEY!! i know where that first pic was taken! I see my hotel sign in the background. LOL. Sad that I can recognize that little blip huh?

    i'm so glad you guys had a great time.

  2. wait, that was after you passed my hotel. my bad. LOL. but it's still my hometown, for what it is. LOL

  3. See! I really did wave at you!!! lol