Friday, February 06, 2009

Sometimes....just sometimes...

So Pete calls me today at work. Or maybe I called him. It's afternoon now and I don't remember.

Anyway, I ask him how he is and he says that he needs to walk and then has errands to run. I ask what the errands are and he says, "I need to get you a present because of how mad you are."


I ask him again what he needs to do and he again tells me that he needs to get me a present because of how mad I am at him. And I tell him that I'm not mad at him. We did have a discussion the other night, but I was never mad at him. And I thought it was a productive discussion.

So then he says, "I need to get you a present to deflect how mad your going to be with me."


Then I ask him why I'd be mad at him. And even before I can finish the sentence, I know what he's talking about. He has the Harley in storage wating for some work on it. Not only work, but additions that he wants to make. And it's not so much that I'd be mad about spending the money. It's that he wants to do everything on it NOW. While I keep pointing out that if he does everything on it now, there is nothing for gifts, or for other winters in storage or whatever.

Then he laughs and tells me that he actually needs to get me my Valentine's present.

What a sucker.

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