Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's a guy thing...

We have an interesting neighborhood. Across the little alley is a kid (and I call him that only because he's in his 20's and I am approaching 40) who revs up his unmufflered car every morning, just to piss off the rest of us. It's to the point that he calls the association on every little thing that he thinks people are doing wrong to try and get them in trouble. The rest of us, or many of us, have all taken our turns calling in on him and his car. The association I'm sure is getting tired of the calls, but the kid is asking for it and frankly a pain in the ass.

The neighbor 2 houses down is really cool. Pete talks to him a lot and they do favors for each other. He is a truck driver so Pete will take the guy's garbage can in and out of our garage if needed. This only happens because the kid calls if garbage cans are left out past the garbage date. In return the guy has done this for our garbage when we've been gone. The guy parks in the driveway next to us, that Pete has permission to park in because the realtor knows.

Anyway, yesterday Pete told me that when he went to take the car in to have the tansmission checked, the neighbor was there. They swaped car stories and the guy offered Pete a ride today if he needed it for the car and gave him his number.

Why am I telling you all of this?


Each time he talks to the guy I ask him what his name is. Pete always replies that he doesn't know. I laugh and again ask the next time. Pete keeps explaining that it's a guy thing. That they don't need to know names to be friendly. They just call each other "Bud" when they talk.

Is this really a guy thing? I'm thinking that both of them have been talking to each other for so long that neither of them wants to admit that they don't know the other's name.

Guy thing? Or Embarassed thing?

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  1. Both!! Owl does that. There are a couple of people he sees all the time in Home Depot and then we will see them out somewhere else, they all know his name (thanks to aprons with nametags) but he has no clue what theirs is, so he call's them "bud" or "man".