Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Driver's Training

I'm going to admit it. I'm a little freaked out. Like rapid heart rate and red face freaked out.

For Valentine's Day I got a reciept from Pete. I know. How romantic, right? Only it is. Kind of.

The receipt was for payment of the Rider's Edge Class at the Harley dealer. Which is like drivers ed for motorcycles.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

Yes, where was I? Ok, so my goal since last year has been to learn how to ride. And I want to, really I do. Only last year there was so much going on that if you told me I needed to add one more thing to it, I may have jumped off something. Or out of something.

Since that time I've sat on so many bikes and who knew that motorcycles fit a person kind of like clothes. There are different heights and widths and length of pedals and foot pegs and handlebars. But I think I found it. The one that seems to be made to fit me: Victory Vegas Low . I sat on a beautiful one at the motorcycle show and it just fit me. It was comfortable. It's definately one in the running.

Anyway, about the heart palpatations... So I got the receipt for the class and Pete's kiss and kind of forgot about it all. Then I got a call. The facilitator calling so I could pick out my day to attend. Yikes. It's uh, real, isn't it. So she rattled off dates and the first one was about a month away. Now considering that there is still snow on the ground, that one was out. And the next one wouldn't work because I had previous committments at work. So as my heart beat like a quick drum, I chose the second one in April.

Now I have about 60 days to read the book for the permit, take the test and pass it. Man I feel like I'm 15 all over again. I always wanted to feel younger, just not that young and not in the rapid heart beat kind of way.

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