Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Clicker Training

You know those clickers that dog trainers use to train the dogs? The annoying ones that almost have the double click to them? The ones that they hold behind their backs with one hand while they command to the dog? You can get them at any pet store. This one shows you what they're like. They must be pretty well liked because a lot of trainers use them.

You know that my husband has the iPhone, right? And honestly there are more applications for that thing than dollars in the deficit. He will often times pick it up and browse applications when he can't sleep and doesn't want to disturb me. He's found some cool racing and fishing applications. He had a Zippo lighter that I hold up in the car every time a 70's rock ballad comes on. He has a flashlight/strobe light that is kind of cool looking.

Anyone see where this is going?

My husband tried to clicker train me this weekend.

Let me repeat, My Husband Tried To Clicker Train Me This Weekend.

I'd be doing something that he liked: picking up, getting him something to drink, driving him around, paying for lunch, kisses...anything he liked and he tried that clicker thing on me. I kept telling him YOU CANNOT CLICKER TRAIN YOU WIFE! But it didn't seem to matter. He'd get this big smile on his face and click than dman clicker application on his phone.

My husband tried to clicker train me...and it didn't work.


  1. Pete is so much more mature than me. I downloaded the "fart" app and everytime Steve moved in bed I made a different one sound off!

  2. hmmm. my 1st thought was, of course that will not work on women... wonder if it does work on men tho ;)

  3. LOL!! that's kinda funny. annoying but funny