Friday, January 23, 2009

I have algae!

Almost a year ago Pete gave me a fish tank for Valentine's Day. And I know what you're saying - 'How romantic!' Only it was a perfect gift. He helped me set it up at work and it sits on my desk where I look at it often. There is something peaceful about watching fish swim.

So he set it up for me, complete with plants that I picked out anda little cave thingy and pretty rocks. And fish. He told me that the first fish were just starter fish, likely to die soon, so don't worry about what is cute, just pick out something. Those fish? They're still here. Pete gave me his leftover fish when he was laid off and those have gone to the big tank in the sky. My 7 fishes are still gulping away, as ever. PS - don't tell them that I'm waiting for them to go to the tank in the sky so I can get 'cute' fish. OK?

Anyway, Pete brought me lunch today. And he announced that I have...algae.

I screamed. A little.

You know what this means, right?

I get to pick out one of those cool sucker fish that eat algae! YAY ALGAE!!!

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