Saturday, December 06, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

Day 6 - Memories

Why is it that we attach so many memories to holidays? Is it because we spend them with family? I have really good memories of Christmas and some not so good ones.

My favorite memory is a mix of years. They were all so wonderful that they seem to run togheter as one. Sitting downstairs at Grandma Phyllis' house listening to the music and opening gifts. Talking with Jacque, Angie, Jason, Scott... Memories of Grandma having the videotape player going as we opened gifts so that she can relive it. Memories of wonderful food and desserts brought out. My Grandpa making grasshoppers! Even as a kid he would make us virgin grasshoppers. It made us feel so special. I think I treat my memories of Christmas as pre-grandpa/Scott dying and after grandpa/Scott dying. Everything changes after they were gone - good or bad - changed.

We spent the Christmas after Scotts death in Florida. My Grandma couldn't take a Christmas at home with both her husband and her only son gone so we escaped. It never really seemed like we had a Christmas. We were in Disney World and ona cruise and there was really nothing about it that was familiar or comforting. I don't think that I would ever do that as a adult. It was fund to vacation, but Christmas is more about home and famliy to me than vacation.

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