Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

Day 3: Coorespondence

Do you know that I've waited for many years to be able to have my own "family" so that I can send photo cards? I mean sending a photo of yourself at Christmas just doesn't seem right. Only now I have Pete to complete my family and we can send photo cards out.

Instead of worrying over whether or not I have the best design for a custom card that I would make, now I worry about the best picture. It's pretty funny.

I love receving cards. As a child I'd open the cards addressed to my parents and hang them on the closet door in the kitchen with tape. Then after the new year, I'd take them down and toss them. Actually I think if you go to my parent's house today, you'd find some photo cards still taped to their door. They've resorted to leaving those up throughout the year. So it's no surprise that I use my closet doors in the dining area to take cards to. I used to have a beautiful ribbon that I'd hang and then paperclip the cards to that. The system doesn't really work for my space now though. Although I have a new bookcase in the livingroom that I could hang cards from. Good idea!

I can't wait to get my first card. To see how everyone has changed in the last year and what people are up to.

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