Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Thoughts for Pete Please!

He just called in tears...

He was in a really bad motorcycle accident at 18 in Germany. It pushed his palate up and the doctors had to break it, put a spacer in and allow it to regrow how it should be.

He's been complaining of sinus infections for the last year. He goes in and gets antibiotics and it clears up, but comes back a few months later.

2 weeks ago he hit his mouth on a cabinet and the tooth immediately got loose & fell out. Then this week he was eating rice crispies and half of his front tooth broke off. Vertically.

He finally got into the dentist today. His palate is collapsing. It's causing pressure on all of his top teeth and the infection he keeps getting slowly leaks into the boney areas that are broken.

He has to have 7 teeth pulled. Then they have to go in and rebreak the palate again, put another spacer in. Then they will make him a partial to replace all the teeth they have to pull (essentially it's all the top, front teeth that you see when you smile).

He called in tears partly because he wasn't ready to hear this. He knew it was coming, but just not now. And partially because the insurance lady at the dentist told him that insurance will only pay for 50% of the whole thing. I told him not to worry, but it only made him cry harder.

I hate hearing him cry and not being able to do anything about it.

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