Friday, June 27, 2008

My keeper

There are little things that Pete says that make me giggle and remind me just how connected we are. As we were picking things out for the registry at Target I was choosing plasticware. I mean that's what people choose. Be it Tupperware or the store brand or whatever, they choose storage for the kitchen.

So I put on a box of plasticware and some other containers.

Pete pipes up with a "What are you doing?" I explain that we need storageware.

He laughs and says "I'm your keeper I know what will happen to those. You may as well just take them off. You take containers to work and never bring them home. Remember I'm your keeper and I do the dishes and see the amount of plasticware disappear."

It made me giggle. For he is right that I tend to not bring home the containers. But these will be wedding presents so I will bring them home (or at least that is my plan.)

LOL My keeper.

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