Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I had a scare

We have been running a lot lately. I say this as it's important. It's also importantl to realize that everyone has patterns that they follow as a guide to everyday life.

Anyway, we have been running a lot. We get home from work and leave again. Whether it's on the bike or in the car depends on the weather. But we head to stores to run errands, to Pete's sister about the house/estate, to pastor meetings, to the Harley dealer. We run.

Yesterday we got home and left again. This time to the Harley Owners Group meeting. Dinner at a restaurant. We got there and it was a lot going on. I was a little uncomfortable as I am with any group until I figure out my place. We had dinner, listend to the meeting and signed up for some rides.

Afterwards we rode home in the rain. And I loved my first drizzly rainy ride. We cleaned up the accumulated junk in the garage and I headed upstairs. I went to wash clothes & noted that we need laundry soap. So I took off my jewlery, took out my contacts and got ready for bed. During that time, Pete was upset about his broken bluetooth earpiece and asking me to do things for him.

We got settled in bed and talked. This is the best part of the day when we connect over silly to serious stuff, just the two of us. In the middle of the discussion I told him to get up. He didn't and I told him to get up again. He asked why and I told him my ring was gone.

We got up and tore apart the bedroom and I started crying. I kept thinking about where I would have lost it and how I should have gotten it sized smaller with the weight I lost. Then I was upset that I could lose it without even knowing it. Pete told me to calm down and we'd figure it out. After about 20 minutes of looking and me crying, Pete told me not to worry about it. But I did.

In the midst of this he was telling me to walk through my night. Then it came to me. I looked in my jewlery box and there it was with all the rest of my jewelry. I have never been so relieved. Pete asked me what I'd do if we didn't find it and I told him I'd be really sad. he told me we could just get another one and I told him that it would never be there same. That this is the one he gave me and I never want to lose it.

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