Thursday, March 13, 2008

What a weekend.

I know that it's Thursday and we're headed into a new weekend, but last weekend was killer.

I spent the weekend in tooth pain. That nagging throbbing hurt all the time. And to make matters worse, I tried to hold my mouth a certain way and it made my TMJ flare badly. Monday I had myself worked into a huge anxiety attack for myroot canal. I would have so liked Pete there, but he needed to be with his Dad and it's not like he can go back into the room with me. So off I went, in full anxiety. The proceedure was done in a little over an hour. Only it was a whole hour that I was holding my mouth open. I'm still having headaches today from it and I guess it will be like that for a while. Next I need to get in for a crown. I dread another appointment.

Pete's Dad had a staph infection. He was placed in a room by himself and they treated him for it. He's now in a different room with roommates so I guess the infection is clear. He still has pneumonia. Until that is clear and he is on less than 10 for oxygen, he can't go home. The doctors told Pete's sister that their Dad won't survive another incident like this. His body is failing. If he ends up in the hospital again, most likely they will have to intubate and he would likely never come off that. Pete doesn't really know what to do or think. Last night he couldn't sleep and spent a lot of time thinking.

Then Sunday night I steam burned all the fingers on my left hand. Let me tell you, I would much rather have a normal blister burn from touching something than this steam burn. I did it at 6pm and it hurt worse than when I did it when I fell asleep about midnight. I was putting ice on it, which is a no-no apparently. The only way I could stand the pain is by putting a litocaine creme from the store on them thickly and then putting a slow fan on them to cool the area down. Today the pinky finger is good. The index finger is a little sore and a tiny bit red. The middle & ring fingers are bright red fromt he tip to the 2nd knucle. They are numb on the surface and starting to bubble a bit.

But that is the recap of the bad weekend. I'm looking forward to a slower, more normal weekend.

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