Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ok, time for a new license

I don't dislike our DPS. Really. I don't dislike the process of getting that new license. Really. And I don't mind paying the fee for the new license. Really.

I'm fearful of my picture. REALLY!

Isn't it every woman's fear? Normally when I take a bad photo it disappears. Into the trash. A driver's license photo however, sticks with you like that gross gum on your shoe from the parking lot. You can scrape that gum off, but there are still little sticky parts on your shoe for a long time to come. That bad license photo hangs out in your wallet for 4 years, waiting to embarass you when you have to show ID.

My current license photo started out pretty good. I had that half hearted smile that looks ok, instead of my usual cheesey grin. But over the course of the years, I've developed what looks like a beard over the majority of my face. It's something in the photo processing - REALLY! I have no beard in real life. I hate to show the thing, although I will, when asked for it.

So wish me luck. Send the photo gods to sit on my shoulder today. I'm wading into the dreaded license renewal center soon.

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