Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Yoga Pants Did It

Where I work, we have to dress up.  I'm not talking about suits or anything, but we can't wear jeans (other than Fridays), no sweatshirts, shorts, yoga pants...  We are a unit that doesn't regularly meet with clients.  For the most part. there is one person assigned to meet with clients in the office each day and that person should dress appropriately to do so.  The rest of us either work from home or hibernate behind computers in our offices for work. 

For years I've worked to get all of us to be able to wear jeans in the office.  We wear badges to get between floors so we are identified as employees.  But I'm met with a NO response each time.  A little over a year ago, I realized that we are the only unit on our campus of 3 buildings that cannot regularly wear jeans.  And yet some people seem to wear jeans regularly and not get called on it.

Over the years, while fighting for jeans, my co-workers would comment that I should be fighting for sweatpants, not jeans.  I laughed and commented how my jeans were comfortable and I'd be ok with those and a nice top/sweater and jewelry to dress it up.  I maintained that my jeans were as comfortable as my sweatpants.

Then I had surgery.  Oh my how those yoga pants were AWESOME!  And since I never really went back into the office and started working from home after surgery, I never went back to my work clothes.  So imagine my surprise when I tried on my work clothes upon having to go into the office and they didn't fit.  I was crushed about the weight gain and I've documented this. 

So I've tried several things to get back to my healthy journey.  But in that time, I keep wearing my yoga pants.  And I'm starting to think that they are my downfall.  I can't help but wonder if my weight gain wouldn't have gotten so out of control if I was wearing regular work pants or jeans on a regular basis and realize that they were getting tighter and tighter.  Yoga pants just keep stretching and stretching. 

So I've decided that my yoga pants are to blame for my weight gain...

This post is tongue in cheek...kind of.

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