Thursday, January 02, 2014


I'm currently sitting in my office at home with not one, but two sleepy puppies behind me.  Nico the wonder schnauzer that I'd talked about baby, my first born, my spoiled little office mate doggie.  And Pepper:

She's cute, right?  We're puppy-sitting for some friends; the wife has been sick and needs some rest.  Oh my gosh I could eat up this little black face and puppy breath and big paws and long waggy tail.  But...she should really be called Mayhem.

She's peed everywhere.  Just when you think that her tiny little bladder should be empty, she pees on a shoe.  She's pooed in almost every room.  She's dragged toilet paper through the hall and down sthe stairs while eating it.  She's removed stuffing from 3 animals and tried to lunch on it.  She's kocked over a side talbe full of things and gotten her color wrapped up in it, dragging it to the other room while barking.  She's escaped the snow walls Pete put in place for Nico in the yard.  She's tried to bite my nose off and suckled Pete's nose in the middle of the night.  I'm sure there is more, but that is the last 48 hours.

But then, the little cutie does stuff like sppon my dog while sleeping and all that stuff I just listed is wiped away.  Until the next time she tries to eat my earlobe and earrings.

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