Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weight, Drains and Knowing My Body

Breakfast @ 8am:  1 piece of white toast with 1/2 avocado mashed on.
Lunch @ noon:  most of a artichoke panini from Panera.
Dinner @ 6: ready to eat Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes.

In between I had 5 pieces of Australian blueberry licorice, 1/6 of a single layer round chocolate cake, 4 Keebler chocolate lovers chocolate chip cookies and potentially other things that I forgot. 

When I finished most of the sandwich at lunch I knew I needed to visit Dr July again.  So I made an appointment for a fill on my Realize Band in 8/7/13.  When I was into the doctor last week he told me that I would be safe going back for a fill one month out from surgery.

I haven't been weighing myself because really it's not a fair weight.  In addition to any weight I may have gained, I had swelling in some areas still and I have 2 drains left.  The drains look like this:
The drains themselves have weight to them and they hang by pins on an elastic belt at my waist.  There is about 8 inches of tubing and the ball outside my body.  About 4-8 inches of tubing is inside my body.  There is also the fluid that collects in them over the day.  It's between 30-40 cc currently.  So I know that weighing myself now isn't accurate and I don't want to be frustrated.

That said, I can feel myself slipping onto bad eating habits and being less active because it's easier.  I need both a plan to increase exercise and eat better and to get my band filled so I can use that tool to remind me about eating. 

These are my action plans: 
1.  Set the appointment and stick to it.
2.  Before I eat anything, ask myself if what I'm feeling and if I'm really hungry or just emotional.
3.  Walk twice a day OR do some activity in lieu of walking.  For instance,  washing up along with washing my hair or shaving my parts counts as activity (for now).
4.  Be mindful of getting back to healthy lifestyle.

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