Thursday, June 20, 2013

192; The Things People Say

So firstly, did you hear that obesity is now a diagnosis?   It's believed that over 1/3 of the US is obese; obesity means 35 pounds overweight or BMI of 30+.  Do you know that my BMI is currently 29?  I'm not obese per that standard, but I am still considered overweight.

I believe that this is a good thing, this diagnosis.  Why?  Because more insurance companies should be making treatment for obseity coverable.  And I'm not talking about just surgery.  I'm talking about regular appointments with a dietician to track eating habits/patterns, gym memberhips, trainers at the gym, exercise classes...all things that should help with weight.

What do you think?

So yesterday...

My Keurig stopped brewing a full cup of coffee.  I need to get that thing fixed.  I love it for coffee, tea, and heating water up.  Because of this I stopped a the gas station for regular coffee yesterday.  I've said before that I was a coffee/donut junkie.  When I tried to quit it meant that I could not stop for gas in the morning because I'd be tempted to get that damn donut too.  Needless to say, I had "MY" gas station for all this on the way to work.

So yesterday I stopped for coffee and the lady at the register says "Holy shit!"  And I looked around, thinking that something was happening behind me.  Turns out she was surprised at how much weight I lost.  She asked how I did it and I told her and we chatted at bit.

I have to admit that it boosted my morning.  Her noticing me.  Then I realized that if she noticed me, thin when others say that it's hard to recognize me in before photos, I frequented that place A LOT.  As in I believe I was there every weekday for a year.  Those donuts alone are thousands and thousands of calories that I was consuming daily.  Very good/bad kind of morning.

Then I went to my pre-op physical with my doctor.  I've had the same doctor for 15 years and she's had the same nurse.  I know them both well and love seeing them.  Not yesterday.

The nurse asked me what kind of surgery I was having and I started explaining the whole thing.  She commented that it was 3 weeks away.  My pulse increased and I became teary eyed.  Then she took my BP and that too was high because I was anxious and fighting tears.

Then she said it. 

"Oh wow. You're having all that done at one time? You're going to be in a lot of pain for a long time afterwards."

Really?  You're a 55+ year old nurse with bedside manner like that?  I stared open mouth and she went right back to what she was doing.  Up until yesterday I think I had put out of my mind the pain and soreness afterwards.  Now it's all I can think of. 

Good thing my doctor gave me Ambien until surgery so I'm not up all night thinking about the pain. 


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