Friday, March 29, 2013

191; Good Friday Fives

1.  Good Good Friday!  East approaches.  And my resolve to wear one of these has fallen:
Kiki La Rue Maxi
Denim & Co Maxi from QVC

It's going to be 48 degrees with rain and potentially falling temps to snow.  Open toed shoes will not cut it.

2.  I am only working half day today.  Then I'm going home to wait for the truck to pick up these:

Pete's Road King and My 1200 Nighster
It's time for their Spring Check Up.  But that means they will then sit in the garage waiting for the snow to leave.  I'm thinking I may end up finding Pete sleeping on his one day just so he has more seat time with it...

3.  I am up 2-3 pounds in the last couple of weeks.  It's a combination of me not eating right and my inability to drag my behind out of bed in the am for the gym.  I plan on getting some good workouts in this weekend.

4.  We're headed out for a band, second weekend in a row.  Woo-Hoo!  This one is only about 5 miles from home.  So maybe we can stay out past our 11pm bedtime?

5.  I've been very reflective and introspective this Lenten Season.  I hope that it continues and I can listen to myself and be ok, just being "ME" more often.

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  1. My planned Easter outfit won't cut it with our lovely weather, either! Booo! :(