Friday, January 25, 2013

189; Elimiation Diets

Have you ever elminiated something from your diet to see if it had an effect?

I did.  About 14 years ago I had a bad experience with a quart of cold perfect chocolate milk and the restroom at work.  Ding Ding says my brain - you may be lactose intolerant.  Yep.  Goodbye milk. *sigh*  I love a good cold creamy chocolate milk, but sadly it hates me!

In the last couple of weeks I've been on antibiotics for my sinus infection.  And that means I need to limit my dairy.  As in no dairy for 2 hours before I take it and 2 hours after.  And I take it 3 times a day.  So pretty much I've been on a dairy free diet.  Almond milk does not equal cream in my coffee - just so you know.

Overall I've not felt much differently.  I will say that I've had less gas.  Pete is thankful... 

But I miss dairy.  I love cheese.  I love greek yogurt.  I love a bit of cream in my coffee. 

So when the medicine is done this weekend, I plan on resuming my yogurt.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll see a big difference that will lead me to switch back to no dairy.  Maybe. 

Happy Friday!

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  1. I could never go without dairy. I couldn't even imagine! But I did cut sugar and soda from my diet, and felt amazing doing so. Sadly I have slowly allowed them both to creep back in.