Wednesday, October 10, 2012

195.2: No Fill

Yesterday was my October appointment with my surgeon.  And it was the first month since surgery that I haven't gotten a fill.  It was weird walking out without getting a fill.  Really weird.  According to their scale I've lost 6 pounds in the last month. Clearly I was ok with not getting a fill.  To be honest I think I could have asked for a small fill and she would have given it to me.  But I want to see how this month goes without it.

Do you have a Clothes Mentor near you? (they have no idea I am plugging them!)  If you do check them out.  Seriously.  On Saturday I spent 6 hours looking for a pair of modern jeans that fit me for pictures.  6 hours.  When I got home Pete asked me what I got.  I showed him the 1 pair of jeans and he said, "That's it?  That's all you got?"  You should have seen my angry face. 

I've exhausted all of the regular places I shop:  JCPenny, Kohls, Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Gap, Costco...  I found a great pair of jeans that are modern looking with stitching details and pocket decorations at Maurices.  But I have a hard time paying $70 for something that I may not be able to wear in a month.  A friend told me about Clothes Mentor and told me to check them out.  So I did.

(can you hear angels singing?)

The place was awesome.  Rows and rows of gently used clothing that is like new and for about 60% less than what it retails for.  I spent over an hour there trying on tops and bottoms.  There were several things that I liked, but didn't get for various reasons.  I want to really love my wardrobe, not just like it.  So if I wasn't in the "gotta have it" camp, it went back.  Right away I found a Harley button down shirt for $14.  It retailed for $55 last year.  I know because I tried it on in the Harley shop.  I found a flowy, dressy work shirt for $5.  Score. 

I must have tried on 8 different pair of jeans and none of them fit perfectly.  Lucky brand, Silvers and Joe's.  None of them were over $30 a pair and they retail for close to or over $100.  I didn't even get into trying on work pants because I was on the mission for jeans.  But guess where I'm going to Friday?  I'm going to go through the 2 bags of clothes that I have for the Goodwill and take out the gently used items.  They usually pay you about 30-40% of what you paid for items.  Then I'm going to shop.  To my heart's content.

So seriously, if you've never checked them out, try our a Clothes Mentor.

As for the jeans?  I ended up at the outlet mall in Eddie Bauer.  Me.  I fit into a size 14 Eddie Bauer jeans and they are wonderful!  The best part is that they were $29 on sale.  I now have modern looking jeans that fit from a regular store.  Hard work.  It pays off.

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