Friday, April 20, 2012

210.8; Friday Fives

1.  I plan on getting new workout/running shoes this weekend.  My shoes are 7-8 months old and I can tell it's time for new ones.  I need a stability shoe because of my pronation and something that pads the ball of my foot.  Usually it's a Brooks or New Balance style.

2.  I have a motorcycle club meeting this weekend.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm curious to see if people notice my weight loss and what they say.

3.  I've been to TWO 31 Gifts parties this week.  I've known about the company for a year, but all the sudden this spring I'm seeing it EVERYWHERE.  It didn't stop me from ordering though...

4.  I believe that my pup ate part of a refrigerator magnet this week.  Then puked all over my bedding.  Yes, I was late to work that morning.

5.  I've never been to a Twins game in the new stadium.  I am considering getting Pete to register for the Twin's Territory 4K.  I can knock out my first real road race AND my first game all in one day!


  1. yeah for new shoes! what kind are your favorite?


  2. I wear New Balance. Others like Asics hurt my toes. Hubby wears Brooks. He has specially made innersouls inserts because of feet issues. Hope they notice your weight loss!