Tuesday, March 06, 2012

223; My Birthday Present to Myself!

Yesterday was a rollercoaster day.

I started out with 2 hours at the gym.  From 5am-6am I walked on the treadmill.  From 6am-7am I did Body Pump.  Burned 900 calories and was on a high. 

I was worried about the scale at the doctor's office being way off from my scale at home.  I've been trying to lose way more than I needed to so that I would qualify.  I had a morning appointment for a last education series with a nurse at the office.  I weighed 225 there.  More than enough to qualify.  YAY.  But while there she said that I'd have to see the surgeon later that day, then come back again after the insurance okay'd the proceedure.  It felt like another stopping block.  I left the office pretty down, thinking that it was again another waiting game.

In the afternoon I returned to the office to see the surgeon.  It turns out that they do set appointments for the surgery date, but they set them a week out to get insurance approval.  So March 21st I'll be getting my Realize Band placed.  I'll wake up on my birthday the next day, a year older, and on my way to being healthier next year than I am right now.  A brithday present to myself of sorts.

I spent the evening talking to Pete about how I was excited to get the band and nervous and a whole host of other emotions.  Then I sat down to call my Mom.  And it didn't go so well.  So I ended up last night on a big down.

Sometimes it feels as though every good thin in my life is tempered by something negative.

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