Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Profoundly Pete

Over the weekend Pete and I spent a good deal of time away from home.  We actually went to the International Motorcycle Show Saturday morning with some friends.  Afterwards we had some time to kill and ended up at the Mall of America.  We were trying to think of something quick and good for us to eat.  Ok, I was trying to think of something to eat. 

When I asked Pete what he wanted he said (and always says) "It doesn't matter."  He believes that because he eats so little food that I should decide what I want and he will make do with it. That day though, he added another phrase that was so profound:  "I'm not food dependent."

My first though was how profound a statement.  My second thought was I want that. 

I want there to be a time where I'm not thinking about my next meal as soon as I finish the current one.  I want there to be a time where I look forward to food, but don't crave it.  I want there to be a time where I refuse that glorious piece of red velvet cake because I just don't need it.  What a foreign concept to those of use who have food issues and/or weight issues.