Friday, September 09, 2011

6 pounds

Somewhere in my random eating and inability to work out I lost 6 pounds this week.  I do feel like we spent less time sitting around in the last week. I had a full week last week with something every night.  Then we ran all weekend off doing something each day.  This week I don't sit down when I get home.  I play with the puppy or we go for walks.  We're also eating out less.  Actually eating out none.  We stay home with the puppy.

It's Friday!  Yay!

Tonight we're going to a movie.  It's both a relaxing time for Pete and I and a chance for Nico to get used to being in his crate while we're away.  Tomorrow I have a date with a 5 year old's soccer game.  Actually Nico and I are going to the game.  Sunday is relaxing day again.  Relaxing.  I need it.

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