Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Blogging

My admission:  Summer blogging is more widespread for me.  It's not that I don't blog in the summer, it's that my schedule of work and play and errands and working out is so different than the winter, that I sometimes don't blog on Fridays or Mondays.  But I'm still here! 

My second admission:  I have a blogging app on my phone and I don't use it often enough.  But my goal is to be better about it this summer.

I've kind of gotten away from the Mid Week With Pete posts.  He's been pretty stable in food and weight lately.  He's figuring out what his body means when it does certain things and how he needs to respond.  I'm really glad.  He's gone from BMI of 44 to 30 as of yesterday.  However, it's still considered obese by the standards.  He's 6'1 and 227 pounds.  He's in a large t shirt and 36 jeans.  Awesome!  They want him to be at 167 pounds, but I think it's too thin for his frame and so does he.  So he's going to work on muscle building and not focus so much on the weight, but rather the BMI number.

Can I tell you a secret?  He is 1 pound away from losing 100.  Seriously.  In 6 months he's lost 100 (almost) pounds.  People keep telling him that they almost don't recognize him.  People keep telling him that he looks great and that he's skinny.  And it's very interesting.  Because as soon as they tell him all that and see me standing there, they tell me that I look good too.  I'm wary of this.  I can't tell if it's a "pity" statement or a real one.  And to be honest I'm afraid to ask.  But ti does make me want to try harder with the gym again.

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  1. People tell you look good because you DO look good! Accept the compliment and keep rockin'. You're doing GREAT! :)