Thursday, June 02, 2011

My Plate

So what do you think?

This is the new guidelines from the USDA on eating.  When I was a kid I learned this:

Starches on the bottom meant that you were to eat more grains and starches than anything.  Can you say Hello Carbs?  Then fruits and veggies to the tune of about -7 servings a day.  Then protein & dairy and last oils and fats.  Seemed simple at the time.

Then kids got this:

Which is a pyramid, but not really a pyramid.  How confusing!  It's really a pie chart in a triangle. 

So now we are back to the plate.  Check out Choose My Plate by USDA for more information about the new graphic.  It looks more like a meal and I think that visually it's easier to understand how much of each meal should be in each group.  It's similar to the plate that Pete got while he was going through the process for his band.  It's much like the divided plates and containers that you get with the lunch systems and Zip Loc containers. 

I think it's an improvement - you?

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