Monday, April 25, 2011


Some days I feel like I have so much rattling around in my head and others where I feel like there is nothing of substance up there.  Does this happen to anyone else?

Yesterday the gym was closed.  How dare they?  Right?  I mean there are people wanting to work out and they close for Easter?  I mean what are we to do?  Outside you say?  What's that?

In reality I did have a similar conversation with myself Sunday morning.  I had spent all evening Friday baking.  Gotten up early Saturday to complete the baking and head to the gym with Pete for a quick workout.  I was pretty darn good not eating while I was baking and I didn't overeat at our East celebration Saturday evening.  But Sunday I just felt like I needed to work out. 

My solution?  While Pete was napping, I used the BOSU ball and kettlebells and did my own little workout in the living room.  After he got up we walked outside.  In the fresh air.  In the sun.  Over real miles instead of treadmill miles.  I did 2.6 miles in 45 minutes and burned 500 calories; 17% fat.  And let me tell you, I struggled for 2 of the 2.6 miles. I told Pete that I sounded like a crank caller with all my huffing and puffing.

But you know what?  If felt good to struggle.  To be challenged by the wind and the hills and the pavement.  It felt good to be striding somewhere instead of striding in air.  It felt good to feel my hips and abs fully rotate, rather than partially rotate on the treadmill.

Of course after this we went to see The Conspirator where I did eat some buttered popcorn.  And after that we I grilled hamburgers, brats, corn on the cob and added fresh veggies.  Not great, but not entirely bad either.

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