Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm so vain...

...I bet you thought this post was about me....I'm so vaaaaaineeeee.

Sorry, lame attempt at music humor.

Me, sans contacts...

So here's the thing.  I realized this morning that I am vain.  I've worn glasses since I was in the second grade - 9 years old.  I've worn contacts since I was 12.  Almost 30 years.  Crap I'm old.  The first thing I do in the morning is put my contacts in.  The last thing I do at night is take them out.  I wear them on average 16 hours a day.  I've done this since I was in high school.  The only time I wear my glasses is right before bed or if I'm really sick and don't want to wear my contacts. 

The glasses up there are a year old.  The last frames that I had were almost 15 years old. *blush*  I got new lenses in them every 5 years or so, but it didn't and still doesn't make sense for me to spend a lot on glasses when I wear them for about 1 hour a day.  My contacts are monthly wear' the left a regular and the right a toric.

So yesterday I got up, put my contacts in and got ready.  Pete and I left to go to a benefit and while there my eye started hurting.  It felt like there was something near the inner tear duct on the lower lid.  I did all the things that I normally do to flush the contact and my eye while out and about.  As soon as we got home I took it out and flushed my eye with saline.  Multiple times.  It still hurt.  I went to bed and woke up about midnight and it was sealed shut with goop (technical term).  I woke up this morning and as you can see, it's swollen and a bit red and sore.

I was in a quandary.  Do I wear my contacts, because I see better with them?  Do I swear my glasses to rest my eye?  How do I get ready with glasses on?  I chose the glasses (obviously) and did my best with my hair and make up.  But I didn't want to leave the house and considered calling in sick.  My eye hurts and it's weeping.  Then I reconsidered and decided that I had to work.

But I'm vain.  I don't feel as pretty with my glasses and I never have. 


  1. I love big, chunky glasses. You might fall in love with a pair if you go try some on!!!

  2. AH! I'm too chicken to go blod with my frames. But I think I need to take a darning friend or two the next time I pick out frames instead of my husband, the minimalist (see glasses picture above - ha!)