Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Blogging For a Change

And now, we're taking a break from our usual programming.  Mid Week With Pete will be back next Wednesday.

Click here for the site:    Blogging For a Change

There are times that I read blogs and really wonder what the person is trying to get across.  Trying to understand the message in the blog and then determining if it's something that I want to keep reading.  Let's face it, any monkey with 2 hands/paws can type on a keyboard.  And the net is loaded with crafting blogs, mommy blogs, family blogs, recipe blogs, diary blogs, weight-loss blogs...  It's a bit overwhelming, no?  So when I come across one that seems worthy of bookmarking, it's a good day. 

I often times read Prior Fat Girl.  Ok, I read it daily.  Usually at the gym or the first break I take at work.  And honestly, sometimes I go there a couple of times a day to read all the Prior Fat Girls/Guy.  Jen has a message.  Her message is not just about weightloss, but about the fact that everyone's weightloss is a different journey.  And for that reason I bookmarked her site last year when I found it.

In the last year I've seen how Jen totally throws herself into a project.  She blogs about it, she stresses about it, she works into the week hours on it.  She's persistent and accomplished.  So when she started hinting about something big, I started listening.  And when this was launched early this week I smiled.  What a perfect way to get people to not only donate, but to win something in return.

So if you have a moment or two, take a peek.  Want to know the best thing?  You get one free entry in each item.  So you can donate for the things that you really want and enter the free entry on all of them.  Or you can donate on all of them and eneter the free ones too.  Or you can donate it all on the one thing that you want and then use the free ones on the other entries.  Or however it best fits for you.

Won't you donate?

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