Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mid Week With Pete

According to Pete, soup sucks.  lol  He's officially tired of soup and for someone who didn't like soup to begin with, he's done pretty well.  He's had 1 cheat.  He had about 1/2 cup of popcorn at a movie last Friday.  Other than that, when I ask him if he wants something that I'm cooking, he says no.  We went to the Mall of America on Saturday and stopped at a restaurant to eat.  He had about 3/4 cup of thick tomato soup and was full.  I had a Mediterranean salad with fresh veggies and I felt like I was speed eating compared to him.  He takes a bite and rests.  I take a bite, chew and take another bite.  It's a reminder to me to slow down.

He's continued to lose weight, but not at the same rate that he had been.  He's down into the 260's.  His clothes are starting to fit, well, kind of funky.  His midsection is still bigger and my supposition is that it's from the surgery and the port, in part.  The other part is that he lost so much weight so fast, that his body hung onto the fat in his midsection where men tend to hold onto excess fat - the spare tire.  He's frustrated that the smaller clothes don't always look good on him because of this.  So we've made a plan for me to teach him some of the core exercises that I know so he can work on that.  I think by strengthening his core, he'll start to lose that tire.

This weekend will be a test.  We're going out to eat with my family for my birthday.  Pete's restrictions include that he can eat some food as tolerated and he's craving wings.  He's going to try some boneless wings.  We're going out on Friday and I've committed to no meat so that's my diet restriction.

Today Pete met with the nutritionist for a post op meeting.  She gave him a card that he can present to restaurants for a kids meal if they have an issue with him ordering one.  Although I don't know how many restaurants would accept it?  We'll see.  Other than that she mainly wanted to check that he was drinking enough.  Next appointment is 4/6/11 for his first 'fill' of the band.

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  1. wow, sounds like a big challenge, but you and pete are doing great!!