Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Those 4 little letters...

Friday:  dinner with family for my birthday.  Pete says my birthday lasts for a week.  Who am I to complain?

Saturday:  I did 1 hour, 3.63 miles on the treadmill.  Then we went to the Donnie Smith Motorcycle Show.  Man I want to be riding...

Sunday:  Another hour and 3.83 miles on the treadmill, grocery shopping and resting.

Monday:  Migraine.  I get right brain headaches and I had a med that helped, but the manufacturer stopped making it.  So I try to use Excedrin Migraine/Cola and a narcotic if that doesn't help.  The narcotic won out yesterday.

Tuesday:  1 hour weights at the gym this morning.  So much so that I was shaking so much when I got to work an hour later that it was hard to type.  Long 12 hour day today and sadly more migraine - but I can't leave work early. :(


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  1. Well, lady, hate to break it to ya, but this is life. Life is busy, life is stressful, and it sounds like you are still getting in some great activity! I'm sorry about the headache, and I hope you feel better soon!!!