Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mid Week With Pete

Sorry!  I'm a day late and a dollar short this week.  It was Pete's birthday yesterday.  We went out to Pittsburgh Blue for dinner.  We've had this gift card for over a year.  I told Pete that we needed to use it before he could not longer enjoy it.

Weird huh?  Like after he has the LapBand he'll no longer enjoy food.  But the reality is that he may not enjoy a steak any longer.  Did I tell you that you have to shew all your food to the consistency of applesauce after the surgery?  Yes.  Seriously.  And while things like mashed potatoes will be easy, steak will require lots of jaw work to get it down.  Tonight, when you're eating dinner, try chewing your food to this consistency and see how long it takes you to eat and how tiring it is.  Oh and remember, that you can't drink fuilds while you're doing this to help the process along.  Let me know how it goes.

At any rate, Pete's having problems sleeping.  He can't tell if it's related to trying to change his schedule to get up with me and go to the guym.  Or if it's from not working and not engaging his brain all day like he was used to.  Or if there is something else going on.  He's has his appointment with the sleep doctor about the sleep study next week.  I'm hopeful that he can ask him about it.

Pete's lost a total of 25 pounds since Thanksgiving.  The trainer that I see that the gym keeps telling me that he doesn't need the surgery, she can get him to lose weight.  I keep trying to tell her, yes he can lose the weight.  It's the keeping the weight off and figuring out a healthy, sustainable life that he cannot do.

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