Friday, November 05, 2010


Are you old enough to remember watching Fred Sanford on Sanford & Son? If not, watch one of the clips from the show.

Notice how he walks?

I just realized while walking to the printer at work that I walk like him today. Really. My butt is pulled into my pelvis, my hips waddle from side to side and I use my arms to propel me forward. Now I don't normally walk like this. But I did it again.

Let me show you the pattern:
no exercise for a while
pumped up the day of exercise
a little sore the next day
VERY sore the 2nd day & walking funny
anger the sciatica
walk even funnier to baby the sciatica
injure lower back
walk even funnier
unable to work out for a while
lather, rinse & repeat.

I need to figure out how to break the pattern.

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