Monday, October 18, 2010


Last week I went to a training for work. The MN Justice Forum was presented by the Citizen's Council on Crime & Justice. It's the first time that I've attended, but it's been held over several years. It was one of those all day trainings where several presenters were brought in to address many issues on crime and how it relates to mental health and other issues.

I left feeling energized, if not physically, certainly mentally. I've been in my field for 17 years. I've worked for the same agency, permanently for 14 years. I've been in my current job position for 5 years this month. No matter how much you do, you get stale. You get tired. You get bored.

That's why I love trainings like this. I love to have many people present on a subject to get the most from different view points. It reenergized me and I'm in the process of developing a study to do in the next year with a portion of our population. It's good to feel good again at work.

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